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    Post install script not working after forced update




      If I action a forced update on a device that already has a support package installed the post install script does not action.

      The package simply downloads an XML file to a folder and the post install script overwrites the file with a previously configured version.

      Package Type: Support

      Package contents: Settings.XML

      Install Drive/ Path: C: \SD Card

      Post install Script:



      "\Flash File Store\Settings.xml"="\SD Card\Settings.xml"

      overwrite = Yes


      on the first download the post install script works as expected. On subsequent forced updates it doesn't.


      Yes - you will be asking why im overwriting a file that has been installed....... for now I need to understand if this is expected behaviour please?

      If it is then I can elaborate on the overall objectives that need to be satisfied.


      thanks in advance for any ideas