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    Unable to add category from Incident to Process

    GarethReeves Apprentice

      We are using the Process section to provide dashboards to Analysts that show Incidents and Requests. Only thing I can;t seem to do is add the Category field from Incident so it shows in the queries against Process. Tried linking Incident to process and tried linking Category to process in object designer, the attributes show as blank when added to a query.


      Any ideas appreciated, I take it there is something different about the category field?



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          Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

          You may need to create a calculation on Process that only returns the value or Process.Incident.Category.FullName.  Then once you have that, you should be able to use that on the query.  You may not be able to navigate directly to the attribute in your calc editor but if you type it in exactly, Process should be able to read it.


          The reason you can't pull it directly from process is because Category is a specific attribute to Incident therefore is not directly accessed from Process (like Title, Description, Creation Date, Raise User, etc...).