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    Global settings Reboot




      My agent is configured with the Global setting " Never reboot" ticked.

      I configured a .msi package to push IE11 to workstations.

      The install/uninstall options parameters are  /i /qf    (same with extra /norestart)


      After the software installs, the machine reboots.


      One thing though is that the InstallExecuteSequence table of the .msi contains a ScheduleReboot Action.


      I though that with the Global setting " Never reboot" ticked the machine will never reboot no matter what.


      Any input is welcome?

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          masterpetz ITSMMVPGroup

          Hi TF,


          the "Never Reboot" option  can only prevent reboots from things LANDESK is involved in. The MSI is executed from the Microsoft Installer and LANDESK has no influence on this behavior. Same would be if you create a package with a shutdown.exe, this shutdown will happen whatever you configure in your agent settings.

          Lets say you set the "Never reboot" option but for one special software task you choose a reboot setting with the option "Act as if reboot is ALWAYS needed" or "Detect whether reboot is needed". These setting will be overwritten by the "Never reboot" flag and the client will not reboot.


          Hope that helps.




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            JoeDrwiega SupportEmployee

            The msi switches used should be /q or /qn or /qb and some still need the /norestart. but if you are using Software Distribution you can set these in the Install/Uninstall Options. The agent "Never Reboot" is only for the agent install itself. And for Patch Management the "Never Reboot" is again only for the patch agent to never allow a reboot.

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              I am using /promptrestart which according to my testing requires /qf (when launch manually on a machine)