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    Print button not active


      Dear Colleagues,


      I have created a very complex report via CrystalReports and it is related to the Asset-Management. Now I am ready to associate the report to the CI, but unfortunatly all CI's have the Print-Button inactive! I don't know why.

      Anyone facing the same Problem?




      Thx in advanced

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          What did you call the report and where did you put it?  For example the incident report to print needs to be called incidentmanagement.incident.rpt and needs to be in the webaccess reports area in programdata.  I suspect if Config items support printing, they would need to follow the same convention

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            elizabethcombrink Expert

            That's printing from Console isn't it, so the naming rule is different from WebDesk and the location to store the report is different.


            Webaccess / WebDesk:


            File location is determined in  each web servers' config center within the web access application.


            The name of the file needs to be module.class.rpt


            Config._monitor.rpt for monitor type ci's ( I'm guessing a bit here but config is a bit diff)


            You can also do incidentmanagement.note.rpt to print an incident note.


            So to Console:


            File location is set within Console in the crystal reports shortcut item


            File name skips the module bit and is just





            I don't remember how to do note printing from Console, but you should really switch to weddesk!

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              I named the report (via console) "Service-Steckbrief.rpt" and stored it on the "\\ApplicationServer\TPBerichte\Service-Steckbrief.rpt". I configured it in the console.