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    I need Information on Training


      Can anyone suggest some training?

      We want to use our new handheld and forklift scanning devices to execute JDE host processes running on our AS400.


      For example:

      We want to scan a PDF417 barcode which has many group segments of data each containing a data identifier, and then as a result of scanning the barcode execute the JDE PO Receipt program which of course is on our AS400.  I've done much reading and viewing videos pertaining to the use of Wavelink and I've come to a conclusion that a script is what's needed to make this happen.


      I've been unsuccessful at finding the proper training so that I may gain the knowledge to write the scripts needed.  Can anyone point me in the right direction for training (e-Learning, books, classroom)?


      We have Oracle's JDE World running on an AS400.  We have purchased Motorola V70's and Motorola handhelds running LANDesk Software Inc., Wavelink, Telnet CE, Windows CE 6.0.


      We have successfully made a 5250 emulation connection to our AS400 JDE sign-on screen using the handhelds.


      I've been programming manufacturing and front office business applications for over 25 years mainly in COBOL and RPGIV.  Yes I'm a bit of a dinosaur, but I'm not completely lost and I can pickup on things pretty quick.  ;-)


      Best Regards,