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    OSD/Provisioning and Model-Specific Installations - How?


      I understand with HII, you can assign distribution packages to a specific hardware model, but it seems you can only assign it directly to a Device ID.  What if I have a utility from the manufacturer that I want to include with the device?  Are my only options limited to pushing it out as a software distribution or create a one-off provisioning template that includes it?


      We have a lot of these in-between installs (not a true driver/not quite an app), which would be great if templates have conditional logic like in other deployment systems (SCCM).  The last thing I want to have is one provisioning template for each hardware device in our company.


      How do you guys handle this situation in your environment?

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          Sebastien.Felix SupportEmployee

          Hi Chee.Vang,

          Our system doesn't quite work like the MDT system with some conditional logic but an Landesk algorithm will calculate the best match possible between the drivers available in the library and the machine. Articles https://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-24415 / About HII Driver Selections can help you to give a better idea how the drivers are finally chosen.


          You may assign several packages or .inf files, at the end, our system does everything for you. As said in article How to manage drivers Using the HII Tool "It is not required to assign drivers, auto detection and assignment of drivers will still occur for devices that do not have a specifically assigned driver." which could answer your answer.


          Before applying effectively the drivers, you may use the HIICLient in preview mode to proceed to some tests and to know which drivers will be chosen by our algorithm against the machine (see https://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-29066).


          I understand that with MDT, we are the impression to control more things up, but our system helps to make the thing easier,


          I hope it clarified things up and it will be useful,

          Good luck!

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            Thanks for the response.  I will test the HIICLient in preview mode, but I don't think HII will do what we want.


            We use manufacturer's driver packs and the issue isn't with detection of the hardware components in HII.  The issue is deciding how to run the driver setup file to complement the driver pack.  We do this because the setup will install the software that interacts with the driver (i.e. audio control panel for audio drivers, 3d drive guard notification for 3d drive guard drivers, etc.).


            Correct me if I'm wrong on my assumptions, but if I were to use HII and driver package assignment, I would need to do the following:


            1. Create a distribution package for the setup install and assign it to the device ID.

            2. Rip out the driver from the driver pack, so no drivers are installed during detection, otherwise LANDesk will see that it already has a driver and won't run the package assigned.


            Having the granularity of assigning packages to device IDs sounds like a good idea, but it just seems like unnecessary.  Assigning the package to the hardware model would work just as well, however I can't find a way to do this without going the route of package detection (using queries).

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              LANDave SupportEmployee

              Another thing you can consider is using the "Install Mapped Software" action.


              You can create a "Product" based on a query, and if the computer matches that query, it can include your desired installation based on that query.


              How to configure Product to Package Mapping and install Mapped Software


              • This new feature allows previously installed software to be reinstalled on a re-imaged computer by mapping monitored products to packages.
                • Used for OS migration on same hardware.
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                We need this solution to work with bare-bones systems too, so Package Mapping will probably not work very well.  Package mapping seems to require some manual work in the console and we don't give console access to our Techs.  They just boot to WinPE and select the provisioning task.


                Using queries to filter the package to specific models will work, but I see it being a nightmare to manage.  We have many different types of hardware.  Each time we get a new device in, we'd have to update the queries of the packages that support it.  And what happens when we need to push the package without the filter?  We'd have to create a new package without the query.


                I think at this point, we're going to move forward with creating two provisioning tasks (x86 & x64) for each of our models.  This task will include other templates, one of which is a task that installs these model-specific packages.  There'll be a lot of templates to manage, but at least it's all in one location.


                I guess part of the question was about how everyone else does provisioning it in their environment.  Maybe we're over-thinking it in ours.