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    HII Drivers UAC Prompt

    mkfobian Apprentice



      We are implementing Windows provisioning, and we are running into some issues with HII driver installation (after the auto-login template).


      After the image comes down, we are running into a UAC prompt for driver installation on any computers that are using an ATI video device.

      When this prompt comes up, it prevents the rest of our provisioning template from running.

      We have checked "Force unsigned drivers" but this doesn't seem to have an effect.


      Anyone else run into this issue?

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          Sebastien.Felix SupportEmployee

          Hi Mkfobian,

          I've never seen this. Could you please provide a printscreen of this to help us?


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            LANDave SupportEmployee

            When you are installing the ATI driver, I assume it is when you are running an HII action within Windows?


            Are you calling a simple driver, or are you calling a package installation?  


            If you are calling a driver package installation, I would recommend checking the available command line switches to see if there is anything that can help elevate privileges.


            You will want to look at the HIIHANDLER log.   If it is in windows this should be in C:\LDProvisioning (Or is it C:\LDProvision?)


            In addition, you can run HIICLIENT /previewall in Windows to see what it is detecting as the driver.


            How to use HiiClient in Preview Mode

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              Have you tried to unblock your driver files yet?  If not, right click on your driver file(s) and select properties from the context menu, click "Unblock" in the lower left hand of the properties window.


              It's been awhile since I've managed images in LANDesk but I do remember having a very similar issue that this resolved.  I would suggest unblocking the driver file before extraction.  This way, you wont need to unblock each extracted file individually.

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                THogland Apprentice

                I just watched a similar problem, except with an Intel driver on a Dell Precision 5810. Checked, and my .cab isn't blocked, and neither are the driver files themselves. This kinda screws up provisioning, since if the script sits there long enough the entire systems rolls into power-saving mode, which breaks the script.