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    Help with Evaluation

    surfingjoe Rookie

      Installed the evaluation software successfully - no problem

      Ran the initial configuration according to the guide (I suppose it might be called a walk-thru guide or wizard), basically it gives instructions on what to do to get up and running I suppose.

      The next wizard that popped up is the discovery and agent deployment guide (wizard).

      I configured a discovery, discovered 140 un-managed devices and the wizard (walk-thru) will not go forward because it states that I have no discovered un-managed devices.

      The only thing I can think is happening is my scan scope is to and the discovered un-managed devices are being listed with an IP address like for example.  I think the wizard doesn't see 010 as being the same as 10.


      Thinking this is the problem I tried putting the scan as to and the discovery engine interpreted the scan scope as to, so that didn't work.


      Bottom line, I'd love to go through a walk-thru but its not working


      any hints as to how to get past this error?

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          Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

          Sounds like this should be in the Management Suite side instead of the Service Desk side.  I've moved you over there.

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            MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

            Forget the wizard at this point. You have computers in the unmanaged discovery list - yes?


            if so then providing you have also followed the steps to change the Scheduler to use an account that has admin rights on the remote machines yu can try pushing the agents by opening both unmanged devices and client configuration. Right click the client config you want and click to schedule *you will now get a scheduler tab). The drag the computer(s) you want from unmanged devices onto the scheduler tab (it should switch over), drop them onto your task and then right click the task and choose to start.


            This assumes a few things are in place but does work providing the account has the appropriate rights and no firewalls get in the way.


            Alternatively, manually install on a few clients using the \\servername\ldlogon\wscfg32.exe file. This when run on the client as an admin will also install the agent and migth be the quickest way to get started.


            You are in the Catch 22 stage at the moment. You are evaluating a product to see if it does what you want, however you don't have the experience in the product yet to know how to make it do what you want, but you are unlikely to invest in training until you know it can do what you want.


            If you aren't already working with a LANDESK partner it might be worth looking into it as they can help to get you moving on some of these basic areas so you don't get frustrated.


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