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    Single server implementation?


      Hello, we're still in the preparing phase for getting LANDesk in house so I'm just trying to learn as much as I can about the initial setup and requirements.


      We are purchasing the Management Suite + Patch Manager. We have <200 computers. Going off the system reqs page should be fine running the Core and Database on the same server. I wanted to make sure we could use the same server for all the other things we'll need for provisioning/software deployment/patching/etc. This is the list of things I've come across I think we need-


      • LANDesk core application
      • LANDesk database
      • LANDesk PXE Representative
      • LANDesk Preferred Server
      • LANDesk Patch manager


      Can all this be handled by the same server? We were looking at a single Quad Core with 16GB RAM and a good amount of storage.

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          I do not believe that the core server can also be a preferred server, but a preferred server can be a spare computer.  If all the computers are located in the same location and the same subnet then there's no need for a preferred server anyway.


          I do not know if the core server can also be the PXE rep.  I haven't tried it myself, but it also can be a spare computer.  I have found that it is best to set the PXE rep with a static IP address.


          All of the other parts you listed are normal parts of the core server application.

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            MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

            For 200 devices everything you list with the exception of PXE Rep can be the single server. You should still setup the LANDESK Server as it's own preferred server as the credentials entered are used in Provisioning and some software distribution mechanisms.


            The PXE Server 'CAN' be installed on the Core Server but is officially unsupported as you are not meant to put a LANDESK client on the server either. It works absolutely fine as it is pretty standard in test and demo environments, just not supported for production.


            The key thing about a PXE Server/Rep is that it needs to be on the subnet where your machines need to be built. It can be any windows client, even a workstation.


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              Good to know! The server is going to be on a different subnet I think but I can find a desktop to serve as a PXE rep then.