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    LDMS 9.6 SP1 / Antivirus 10.2 - Security Activity module

    alarson Apprentice

      We just got licensed for LD Antivirus and are finalizing configs and testing.

      I'm confused about what i'm seeing in Security Activity - Pattern file dates and Licenses.

      The (#) counts for each section are accurate for the most part but there are dupe entries for the Windows clients.

      I've found that it's due to multiple entries in this Inventory section:  Security > AntiVirus Software > AntiVirus.

      There are "0" and "1" entries.  The "0" entries are current, but the "1" entries Definition Install/Publish Date is whatever it was on the date of client install.

      So, these are the dupe devices I'm seeing in Security Activity.  This hasn't happend (yet?) on the Mac device entry (AV client v8.0.9).

      The Licenses (#)s seem to be fine, but already i've got 1 Pattern file - Out of date which is due to the "1" inventory entry... though this same device's "0" entry is counted in Up to date.

      How do I fix this and prevent it from happening on all Windows clients?