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    LANDesk agent not deploying properly



      I've just started another rollout of LDMS 8.8, and I am finding the following: About one third of all deployed agents did not fully install. The console shows an agent, there are no errors during the installation, but upon closer observation, no inventory is collected for those agents. Investigated further and noticed that only 2 of the 5 services related to LANDesk are installed on the client machines.



      The following are missing: LANDesk Remote Control Service, LANDesk Targeted Multicast, LANDesk Software Monitoring Service



      All the client machines are either 2000 or XP on the latest SP with no firewall enabled. Any ideas what could be causing this? When I manually uninstall a "partially installed" agent, and then manually install it again, everything installs fine. It is via a scheduledtask from the console that it seems to have a problem. Admin credentials are also no concern here, I'm an enterprize admin, as is the schedules service account on the core server.






      Any advice would be very much appreaciated.









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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          How do you install - via push, or pull?


          If you use WSCFG32, it has now got pretty decent logging, so you could add an additional “/L” parameter. This will create a “WSCFG32.XLG” debug-file in the %TEMP% directory.


          Alternatively (and this gets interesting) run FILEMON traces. We've seen in a few cases (well - one customer comes to mind) that we were running as a domain admin, yet were getting all sorts of denied errors on trying the agent (but only on certain files) ... I've no idea to this day what they locked down to break a domain admin (and at that - only partially) ... but I've seen it.


          Trying to use the self-contained EXE also works pretty well I find very often in such cases.


          Paul Hoffmann

          LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead.

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            Was there ever a solution found for this?  I am running 8.7 SP5 and have the same issue.

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              MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup


              There can be a number of causes of this such as a corrupt installer or something local on the machine blocking it.  I suggest you look at the eventlog on the system, try manual installs using the single file .exe and also using wscfg32.exe to see if you can duplicate the issue across multiple installation types.  If these don't highlight the error then start a new thread with specific information about your issue, it's pretty common that when someone starts a thread and gets what they need they won't revisit so the attention you get is lower than with a new thread.



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                Just check that if client is accessable using
                clientIP\c$  there is no problem during agent deployment, other wise check log