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    Provisioning Templates

    bwallace Apprentice

      I am seeing in my provisioning templates that one of my templates is generating additional copies of the same template (albeit with the date/time in the name -see picture below). These copies are marked as locked. I am unsure exactly how/why the are being created, but I believe it may be creating copies as I modify the unattend file that is linked to one of the provisioning steps. I am using LANDesk 9.6 SP1.


      Here are my questions:

      1. Why are the being created - What triggers it?
      2. Are the OK to delete or will I mess something up?
      3. Can I prevent them from being created in the future?





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          amagi Expert

          Your "Master" template includes other "Partial" teplates and when you schedule it landesk needs to condense all the actions in 1 template, thats why you have a "duplicated" template with date added in the name.

          Landesk recommends to schedule the condensed template and not the master one to avoid this uncontrollable growth.

          You can delete the locked ones, but they are locked because are scheduled, so you need to wait the provisioning's end.


          Re: Duplicate templates and scheduling