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    Make Team view only


      Hello All,


      I'm having a little brain breaker with user management.


      I want to make the public task available to deploy tasks but they shouldn't be able to edit. (easy)

      As extra I want those user to able to view the tasks of one custom team but they shouldn't be able to deploy or edit the tasks in that team.


      Started to test with local user but it is deploy for teams and public or none deploy rights at all.

      Can I achieve this for packages, queries and scheduled tasks ?


      Why ? As I want my engineers to be possible to work with tasks in one team but don't work in the team where I set the tasks for Global queries.

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          I don't believe the user access is that granular.  There is only Deploy Yes / No - not able to set deploy access for specific folders within scheduled tasks.


          You should put in an ER for the feature - it would be nice to have that level of control.

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            Sebastien.Felix SupportEmployee

            Hi Casper,

            Indeed this isn't currently possible even with 9.6SP1 at that time. I double checked, but no such requests has been raised in our ER portal (Enhancement Requests), then please file it for a future purpose.

            Our other product, Landesk Service Desk is much more versatile for this, but LDMS was meant to be handled by admin people in the beginning and not a larger public.

            You may handle this by Enable auditing on the Console on "Edit/Delete/Cancel/Start schedule task", hence you will know who did edit a specific task schedule task (To enable it, go in https://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-29251 and this is the same for 9.6) and instruct these people not to edit of course.

            I hope it will help a bit at least!

            Good luck!

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