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    LaunchPad in Portal Manager

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      Hello! I'm fairly new to the LANDesk world (the person at my company who was in charge of it left). I'm currently testing out LANDesk Management Suite 9.6 SP1 to update our current 9.0 version. I'm having some difficulty with trying to figure out how to configure the Portal Manager. What I'm trying to do is get all the applications that we make available to the user end up in the LaunchPad. As it sits right now, the application is only coming up on the left hand panel under Task History. If someone could help me out on this, I would greatly appreciate it! (I've tried looking online, and the only things I've been finding hasn't helped me at all).

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          dwagner1 Apprentice

          On the Distribution Package, you can add the logo to the package under the Metadata section for it to show in the Portal Manager.


          Office 2013 Software Distribution.png


          Then on the scheduled task:

          On the Task settings - Select Policy and the Action Type:  Recommended (display in client portal)

          (The other settings are what we are using)

          Office 2013 Portal Policy Task Settings.png


          Then under Task settings Portal settings: (Which should represent the blue link from the above window)

          Recommended (display in portal) and we select "Allow users to run a desired (keep in portal aster selected)


          Office 2013 Portal Policy Portal Settings.png

          End results in Portal Manager:

          Office 2013 in Portal Manager.png

          Also in the Metadata, you can create categories and help the users "sort/filter" by having them click on the Category.


          I have a few Categories set up...Like Microsoft and Adobe, so when the uses click on them, it only shows Microsoft applications or only shows Adobe applications.


          Hope that helps!


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