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    Mobility Manager feedback requested

    JBnCO Apprentice

      We are currently looking for a MDM/EMM solution I wanted to get some feedback from the community about Mobility Manager.


      Pros/cons, gotchas and successes, great functionality and not-so-great functionality.  Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated.


      If you are will to talk on the phone, that would be great as well.

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          cri Apprentice

          Hi JBnCO,


          What kind of devices will you manage ? iOS, android, both ? and what do you need/want to do ?


          Pros : if you already have the CSA, you are ready to go, no additional server required, Mobile device appear on LANDESK Console, so you can query on them, like any devices.

          Cons : Android agent is not so great (users receive some notifications in loop,..), Avalanche is a good value but maybe not the greatest MDM experience on the market.


          You have to keep in mind also that Avalanche or other MDM solutions are limited by mobile OS, by example you cannot deploy application as easily that you would do on a computer with LANDESK, the end-user need a apple or google account, etc.

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            JBnCO Apprentice



            Thank you for the info.  The vast majority of our devices are iOS but do have some Android and anticipate some Windows phones when 10 is released.  We will need to be able to set policies for activesync and other basic phone features, manage certificates from our CA and public CA for our HR software, remotely wipe (would like selective), manage VPN, and set proxy settings.


            We do have a CSA so that is good news.  I will need to check with the other vendors if apple or google accounts are required to deploy apps to them.

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              cri Apprentice

              I think that most of your needs are covered by Avalanche (you can take a look at the Avalanche help to see all available features by mobile OS).


              iOS profile are working pretty well, you will basically find the same settings that are available through Apple Configurator and enrollment is easy.

              On Android is not that easy, enrollment require to download Wavelink app and some feature (exchange,etc) are available only for Samsung device as it rely on Samsung SAFE (Google announced Android for Work but you need device with Android 5 and not sure if Avalanche support it yet)


              Is MDM is include in your LANDESK licence (SUM or TUM) ? If yes you could try Avalanche right now, you just need to create an account from LANDESK console, so you can make an opinion by yourself.

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