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    Require SSL, now can't do multiple configuration centres

    mushoku Apprentice

      We aren't ok with transmitting our SA password in the clear, so we have to enable SSL in IIS7.  One of the side effects is that we lost the drop-down to go between our test and live instances.


      I have already changed the console.exe.config and consolex64.exe.config files to reflect https, and re-entered the credentials just in case; still no change.


      Here's what I have in both config files:

      <add key="TPS Host" value="https://LDSDliveserver/ServiceDesk.Framework" />

      <add key="Url" value="https://LDSDliveserver/ServiceDesk.Framework" />



      <add key="ConfigurationCentreUrl01" value="https://LDSDtestserver/ConfigurationCenter" />
      <add key="ConfigurationCentreUserName01" value="sa" />
      <add key="ConfigurationCentrePassword01" value="password hash" />
      <add key="ConfigurationCentreUrl02" value="https://LDSDliveserver/ConfigurationCenter" />
      <add key="ConfigurationCentreUserName02" value="sa" />
      <add key="ConfigurationCentrePassword02" value="password hash" />


      Am I missing something?  Does the ability to connect to multiple configuration centres require unsecured (http) authentication?  We can't have the SA account credentials being passed in the clear every time someone launches the console or authenticates.


      Thanks for any help you can provide!