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    Uninstallation of Winzip



      Good Afternoon Everyone,



      I am having all sorts of problems removing Winzip version 9 via LANDesk currently. I have a batch file that runs the /uninstallx addon, it fires up okay, but then fails stating that WZQKPICK.exe is still in operation I have found this is the quick tray. The uninstallation then fails.



      If I run the script manually though it runs fine and doesn't warn about the quick pick.



      Any help anyone please!






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          zman Master


          According to appdeploy the uninstall string is MsiExec.exe /I{A91FEE76-02B0-445C-A5B3-2E973B543607}. So a standard MSI uninstall. What is your uninstall string? You can try this one just append the normal msi command line switches for UI and reboots. Also if you don't want to change just add to the beginning of your batch file.:



          taskkill /S system /F /IM WZQKPICK.exe /T



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            ahe Expert


            Hello James,



            I think that the WZQKPICK.exe runs in the user context but the uninstallation batch started from Landesk runs in Local System context. The uninstall routine can't stop the process of another user and stopped the uninstallation. That's my idea...



            If you use a batch you can check, if the process is running and kill 'em, before the uninstallation routine starts ...



            If you use XP you can try tasklist.exe and taskkill.exe, otherwise use pskill from sysinternals... 



            pskill.exe -t  WZQKPICK.exe >nul






            If you want to use a actual version of pskill, you've to register it before with this .reg lines:



            For Local System:



            Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00













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              Evening all,



              the uninstall string is c:\program files\winzip\winzip32.exe /uninstallx, where did you find the MsiExec path? I have looked on appdeplo but can't see it.









              P.S. Not sure if you know but PHoffmann gave you a lot of respect at the London Best Known Practice the other week.



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                zman Master


                Actually if you are trying to uninstall Winzip 9.0 what I posted may not be correct, I think I was looking at another version:


                1. Goto Appdeloy 

                2. Select Package KB from the left hand side menu 

                3. Select W 

                4. Select Winzip 9 

                5. Expand Software Knowledge Base 

                6. Don't sign up for any appdeploy stuff or you will be spammed by KACE


                Don't hold that against Paul we all have our weak moments 

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                  Wow...that's a lot of steps! 



                  A LOT less steps if you just search for "appdeploy Winzip" on Google:






                  Get to skip the KACE Spam, too. 



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                    zman Master

                    What can I say I'm very systematic - LOL. Also the first couple of  google hits are for version 8 and 11 they missed 9  .  Totally agree about the spam those guys are ruthless.