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    Move Avalanche server



      What is to do when we want to move AvalancheMC to another server?

      Old server has Server 2003 installed, we have to move to Server 2012.

      New server has another IP adress.

      Got a valid backup, but not sure if all that we need to restore on a new server is in there.

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          nrasmussen SupportEmployee



          First review the system requirements to ensure the new server meets the requirements of the install, this can be found here : http://www.wavelink.com/orders/files/ava-wp-53-sysreqs-20120418.pdf

          One note Avalanche 5.3 did not support Window Server 2012.


          The next steps would be install 5.3.x on the new server, then restore the backup. 


          Now devices and mobile device servers can be tricky since you state you are changing IP's.  If you have a distributed MDS that the devices connect to you would create a new deployment package with the updated eserver address then redeploy this to the existing MDS.


          If you are using AvalancheSE or a local MDS for your devices you will need to leverage your old server to push either a enabler config, or network profile which updates the devices server address to the new server.  Also you would need to redeploy the local MDS 



          Nick R

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            Plan is to install same version of AvalancheMC ( on the new server which currently has a different IP adress. Then import the latest backup (even if i do not know how atm), disconnect old server from network and change ip adress of the new server to the one used by the old server before.


            First problem i presume is that does not work under Server 2012. Has anybody heard of this?

            Second: what version is to install on 2012? In the Dowload section i can only find 5ish versions.

            Third is can i restore our backup made with 5.3... on a newer version?

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              Added as it came to my mind:

              Why not install MC5.3.1.50 on the Server 2012, restore the Backup and then update to the latest version?

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                I would suggest the following:

                1. Install Server 2012R2 and install Avalanche 6.1 side by side your current Avalanche installation.

                2. Recreate the profiles in Avalanche 6.1 - as this is a good time to clean up old and unused profiles.

                3. Packages do not need to be recreated and can be reimported into the new profiles.

                4. Migrate the devices from old Avalanche environment to new 6.1 environment. Few ways to do this-

                  - DNS change if you have aliases for your Dserver - this will migrate all devices in one go.

                  - Avalanche migration package with new server address

                5. Decomission old environment.

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                  Project is sleeping due to some pre- work that has to be done by other department.

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                    Hi @ all!

                    Version 6.1 is now installed on the new server. Old 5.3.1 is still running.

                    Now we want to migrate all to the new system.

                    Is there a step-bystep manual to do this?

                    I did not set up the old system, therefore i do not know much about creating profiles and stuff.

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                      Hi hs26 .. do you mind please sharing how your infrastructure is setup in 6.1  - how many DServers and how many devices?

                      There is good information on Wavelink help here - http://help.wavelink.com/docs/help/en_US/AVA/6.1/

                      I also have my blog at - Vishal's Mobility Blog with my experiences on installing and configuring 6.1

                      If you are happy to share some of your details I can even write you some detailed instructions on my blog.


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                        Hi Vishal,

                        Currently we have Avalanche Console, InfoRail service 5.3.1, Enterprise Service Version and Enterprise Service NodeLock running. (Info pulled out Avalanche Console -> Help -> About Avalanche.)

                        It is a  MS Server 2003 and the only server (no others for Avalanche), containing the Avalanche software and the PostGres DB.


                        ScreenHunter_01 May. 07 09.32.jpg

                        ScreenHunter_02 May. 07 09.34.jpg




                        The new Server is a MS Server 2012 with MSSQL Server 2012 installed and a fresh installed

                        Wavelink® Avalanche Console Version

                        Wavelink® InfoRail Service Version 6.1.0 (6.1.000)

                        Wavelink® Enterprise Service Version 6.1.

                        So there is nothing running on the new server right now.


                        Old server: we have a Task running once a week called SystemBackup, but i do not know what is backed up there.

                        Under  Mobile Device Inventory there are 63 Devices listed.


                        In addition there is a TermProxy running, but a username and a pw is required for access. I have to contact the person who set it up in 2013 to get this info. She is US based so not reachable right now.

                        Thank You!

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                          From the installed services it does not look like there is a Mobile Device server role installed, there is only the Enterprise server.

                          I presume you will be installing all Avalanche roles on the same server? Do you see a service called Wavelink Avalanche Manager? If not you will also need to install the Mobile Device server on this server as well first.

                          The file you need for this is WavelinkMDS_windows-x64_6_1_103_53-508.

                          If you need the instructions for Mobile Device server setup are here - Vishal's Mobility Blog: Avalanche 6.1 Work Instructions


                          You might be better off installing from Wavelink-Avalanche_windows-x64_6_1_103_53-599.exe and selecting the WebConsole and Mobile Device Server components during installation.

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                            I installed  Wavelink-Avalanche_windows-x64_6_1_103_53-599 and checked everthing during install:

                            ScreenHunter_03 May. 07 10.18.jpg

                            so the Mobile device server is installed on the new server.

                            You mean i should install MDS on the old Server?

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                              On the new server there is a Service called Wavelink Avalanche Manager running.

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                                Found this video Moving devices between two or more servers / migrate devices from 4.9 to 5.3.1 to 6.1




                                In this a new network profile is created and used to put one device to the new server. But if i do this will not all our 63 devices been put to the new server? And when they are there what about the packages and licensees?

                                I find it very hard to do this on my own not knowing what will happen....

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                                  Hi hs26..First complete the setup and config of the new server .. what you need is setup the following in order:

                                  Region where D server is associated - if you are happy to keep your DServer at Enterprise level thats fine

                                  Folders with selection criteria

                                  Profiles with packages

                                  Then look at migration.

                                  Happy to help you with above if you want -- how many device models you have? What is the model name reported in Ava 5.3? E.g. MOTOMC3100

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                                    The installation of the new server is done.

                                    I do not how to set or configure a D server, devices should only be used on our site here.

                                    I´m sorry but i do not know what you mean by Folders or Profiles. I never did a setup like this before, the old 5.3.1 was set up by other persons.

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