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    Replication is not working if there is a space in Source Folder name


      Hi Team,


      We are facing a strange issue after upgrading to 9.5 SP2 .


      In content replication , we had source where the folder name is having a space in between ( Eg: \\Coreldms01\LDPackages\Chrome Standalone Setup ) ,  the replication was working for the content of the this source.

      After upgrading to 9.5 SP2 , the content replication of this source  saying "completed" , but nothing is happening.


      I have tested the same scenario  in our LAB (9.6 SP1) , we have the same issue.  If we change the folder name into a single one , the replication is working fine (\\Coreldms01\LDPackages\ChromeStandaloneSetup ).


      {Attaching the replicator log details from the LAB server . }


      Did any one faced this type of strange issue ?  Suggestions  are welcome.


      Regards , Joby