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    Help with optimization



      I am new in scripting.

      I need to optimize work with TelnetCE app - some screens where user has to press "Enter" many times.

      The script generated from with capture is below. I need to send enter on some other screens.

      How can I do this on many different screens?


      Script( 111 )

      Activate( From_Menu )

          Comment: Verify that this is the desired screen.

          If_Not( Boolean_And( String_Equal( Get_Screen_Text_Length( 4, 4, 4 ), "CLT1", 0, FALSE ), String_Equal( Get_Screen_Text_Length( 6, 4, 6 ), "DOCK01", 0, FALSE ), String_Equal( Get_Screen_Text_Length( 8, 4, 4 ), "HAND", 0, FALSE ) ) )



          Set_Cursor_Position( 6, 4 )


          Message( "Starting Script", 3 )


          Keypress_Key( "VT220", "Enter" )

          Keypress_Key( "VT220", "Enter" )

          Keypress_Key( "VT220", "Enter" )


          Message( "Script Done", 3 )


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          Familiarize yourself with screen reformater. This is how I would do it.

          Example screen below:

          • Capture the screen
          • Duplicate Screen 4x
          • Create screen selection criteria based on the sample (refer screen shot)
          • I would use cursor position as selection criteria for each screen.
          • You need to confirm the flow of the WMS how and where the curson lands each time you perform an Enter.
            • Eg: To perform an Auto Enter on Warehouse ID; the cursor needs to be Row 4, Column 4,
            • To perform an Auto Enter on Loc screen: Row 4, Column 4..etc
          • ou will then run a script to perform "Enter" sample below also:


          Script( enter )

              Keypress_Key( "VT220", "Enter" )

          !    Return