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    How Do the Different Reboot Settings Relate in LDMS 9.6?

    kdavies Apprentice

      Normally, I would refer to the help files for LDMS for this question, but I find that the help topics are either poorly organized and written or apparently missing altogether. However, I would appreciate it, if someone could let me know if I am on the right track in terms of the relationships between the various set of reboot settings that appear to be possible under LDMS 9.6.


      As background, I would like to note that we are currently using LDMS 9.5 with v9.5 agents, and I have the task of designing our upgrade to LDMS 9.6. The upgrade will occur in two stages with the core server and remote console being upgraded first. The agents will be upgraded later. And it is very likely we will be running a mix of 9.5 and 9.6 agents for several months to a couple of years.


      1. Under Agent configuration - Standard LANDesk Agent, there is a section titled "Agent install reboot settings". Am I correct that these reboot setting apply strictly to the installation of the agent and that any settings configured here will not apply to software distributions, vulnerability scans and patching? I currently configure this section to "Never reboot" as this mirrors our current setup in the 9.5 agent.


      2. Under Agent configuration - Reboot Settings, there is a section titled "Distribution and patch reboot settings". Am I correct in assuming that these reboot settings are only for software distribution and vulnerability scans and patching? Again, I currently have these configured as "Never reboot".


      3. Under Delivery Method - Reboot, there is a section titled "Reboot options". Am I correct in assuming that these settings only apply to scheduled tasks that are distributed to 9.5 agents? Do the delivery method settings override the agent reboot settings specified under "Distribution and patch reboot settings"? At this point, in accordance with our 9.5 configuration, I have these reboot settings set to reboot only if needed.


      4. Under Scheduled task - Agent Settings, there is the section for what appears to be an override of the default agent settings that were specified under "Distribution and patch reboot settings". Am I correct in my assumption? Are these reboot settings also overridden by the delivery method reboot settings when dealing with a 9.5 agent? (i.e. These settings are no applicable to 9.5 agents.)


      Thanks for your assistance.