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    Is it possible to modify the End User view of the Service Catalog (Enable/Disable Link to CI)


      I really want to "Disable the Hyperlink" that exists from clicking anywhere on the Service Catalog listing that drills into the detail item.As others seem to have noted there is no value here from the user perspective - it just takes them to the same information in a different format.


      The Request Service button seems to be a built in function muck like the fact the entire content is a hyperlink. The report template does not include the button - it is added at the end of the information in the report template collection.

      Either or both (removing an active link and/or controlling the content) would result in a simpler user interaction. Users are constantly frustrated/confused by the link to the detail - removing this or enable/disable actions would be great.


      Did any one came across this type of issue ???

      I really want to know, how it can be achieved !!!