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    Error with conection between LDMS and SD.


      Hi everybody,


      I need your help, I've looked everywhere and I have a problem.

      I read all the documentation about the integration between these products, LDSD and LDMS, and when we try to connect en the SD console, send an error.



      We install the MS Console for this integration and patched as the core server, we can "see" the server pinging and to secure the connection created an ODBC connection, it works.



      We run the LANDesk.ServiceDesk.Integration.exe file o create the COM+ conection.



      We start the LanDesk COM+. and in their properties, unchecked the enforce access and the user is reviewed "everyone"




      We start all LanDesk Services and IIS, just in case.



      All the informatión about the DB is correct, i don´t known what i missing to get this.

      I appreciate and thank all the support that you can provide me and if you need more information, please advice me.


      The Service Desk version is 7.8 and the Management Suite Version is 9.5.


      Thanks a lot,

      Best regards.


      Jorge Eudave.

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          Have you installed the LANDESK management suite console on your Service Desk server that you're connecting from?


          If so, is it able to open and connect to your core?

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            deleye-s Apprentice

            Have you run the "compatibilty" patch available in the zip file "C:\Program Files (x86)\LANDesk\Service Desk\Console\SupportLDMS95.zip." on every client and the server computer ?


            LDSD 7.8 is configured to work with LDMS 9.6 by default.


            To use LDMS 9.5 with LDSD 7.8, you have to :

            1. extract the zip file C:\Program Files (x86)\LANDesk\Service Desk\Console\SupportLDMS95.zip on every client and server computer.

            2. run Run.bat from the extracted "SupportLDMS95" folder.

            3. restart the computer.


            Watch out :

            The files used for integration with LDMS 9.5 replace those used for integration with LDMS 9.6.

            If you apply the 9.5 patch on a 7.8 system, you won't be able to work on IPC's anymore with the Console; an error occur when an action (with a window) is executed.