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    When and how does LANDesk choose the device name in OS Provisioning?


      We're using LANDesk 9.6 Sp1.


      I can't seem to find any information on how LANDesk selects the device name when it exists in the DB.  Our techs aren't scheduling the tasks, because they don't have console access.  Instead they manually boot to WinPE, sign-in, and select the template.  The task performs a miniscan at the beginning which puts an entry in the DB with the proper properties (MAC, serial, device name, etc.), but LANDesk can't seem to locate it, resulting in the random name (WIN-******).  I've confirmed the miniscan was imported correctly via the console.


      My variables are defined correctly.  I have ldHostname in public variables, which should resolve using "Computer"."Device Name" from the DB.  I have an Inject Script task that injects the unattend.xml file.  When I check the log and the unattend file after the injection, I see that other variables such as "domain", "organization", "productkey" are resolved correctly, but not "ldHostname" (it's blank).  Is it a timing thing where LANDesk already resolved ldHostname before the miniscan occurs?  What qualifiers are being used by LANDesk to determine a match?

      I know there's the Device Name Prompter, but this kicks off in the middle of deployment which is really inconvenient.  It slows down deployment in our environment, because they techs would step away to service a call, and come back to the device sitting at the prompt.