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    What VT escape sequences are supported?


      Hi there,


      We have a legacy custom-written telnet server to which several MC9090 devices running Wavelink TE are connecting to.


      We need to update this server to support configuring the scanners on the devices.


      There was a document we came across a few years ago called "WL-VTReferenceGuide.doc" which listed all the supported VT escape sequences - however this no longer seems to exist.  The relevant section was"WAVELINK CUSTOM ESCAPE SEQUENCES".


      For example, it contained entries such as:

      ESC % Pt ; Pl F

      Enable/disable Fixed Screen Mode.  Pt and Pl are 1-based coordinates.

      ESC % Pn ; Pf ; Pi LTurn on/off the scan LED on the terminal


      We successfully used the information from that list to enable/disable the scanner with commands from the telnet server.  However we can longer find this document, nor any similar list.  And, unfortunately, we only recorded the ones we actually used in our own internal documentation.


      We are now after some further escape sequences to configure the scanner from the telnet server - does such a list exist and can we have access to it?


      Many thanks in advance and all the best,