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    Installing USB hardware



      Is there any BKM for installing USB hardware, such as a USB printer?









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          Jared Barneck SupportEmployee

          I am confused.  LANDesk cannot install hardware for you.  LANDesk is pretty awesome software, but not that good; hardware has to be installed by hand.  Someone actually has to plug the device into the USB port.


          I think the best known method woudl be to install the software/driver that runs the USB device first, then plug the device into the USB port.


          If what you really meant was how to deploy software/driver for a USB device, then the best known method would be the same as for SWD.


          Every USB device is going to have a different installer.


          Software for a USB device would be no different than the BKM for any software.


          You usually want three things when deploying software:


          1. Automated install

          2. Silent install

          3. Configured install


          If you can get those from the original installer, use it. 

          If you can get the first two with the original installer and get the last one with a follow-up package do that.

          Otherwise consider repackaging.


          Check www.appdeploy.com to see if others are deploying the software and if so, how.