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    Is there a way to choose what ports are used for remote control


      Good day


      We are setting up our LDMS server with 2 different scopes. Each scope needs access to a different VLAN on the network. For the sake of ease VLAN1 is open and can use any random ports for remote control. VLAN2 is protected by firewall and we want to restrict the number of ports that are used for remote control for security reasons between the 2 VLANS.

      The LDMS server is located in a server VLAN which has access to VLAN1 but not VLAN 2 currently.

      My understanding is the remote control is initiated through the remote control port. Once credentials are verified and remote control is accepted it jumps to a random port. Is this correct. If this is correct, is there a way to setup what port range it should use?


      We are currently using 9.5 and are in the process of setting up a 9.6sp1 server.

      I hope this makes sense.