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    What is the small red icon ?


      What the small red icon stands for ? Please note that , in a laptop. while the small red icon shows , a task was active and successfully complete . And in the 'Successful' list of Task pane the small red is still there beside the device . The device is a laptop .

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          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

          The icon means the device cannot be found from the console.


          This does not always mean the device is offline, just that whatever method of connecting the console is using is failing to find that device. It could be that DNS gives an old address or the inventory record is not up to date. Laptops also may be communicating via the Cloud Appliance and getting policies that way even though they cannot be seen directly from the console.


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            There are 2 similar looking red icons - one is smaller than the other (pl. see my attachment) . The smaller one is in question . In a situation here , while the device is tagged with the smaller one , a task got assigned and deployed successfully . Does not it mean that the device was connected all the time with the console when the smaller red icon shows ? If not , how the task got distributed and deployed ?

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              MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

              I believe the difference is just because the PC icon is different between the Desktop and Laptop versions.


              As for how a deployment was able to happen that sort of depends on your environment.


              A Push deployment is the Core Server sending the instruction to the target machine. Your icon is showing because your console cannot find that machine. There are differences by default in how a console finds a device compared to how the Core finds a device as shown in my attachment. The console by default will use the IP address held in the inventory. The Core will by deafult use that and DNS resolution. Do you get a different result if you change your Agent status options in your console? Also as I don't know your environment do you have ports opened between where you sit and where the target sits (network-wise)? It may be the Core can reach while your PC can't.