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    Report of packages and tasks


      Hello All,


      Does somebody already have a report of all package and tasks settings and want to share that with me ?


      Want to create an easy overview for myself what all package details are especially for detections or prerequisites are per package.


      Me SQL query knowledge is lacking in this part.

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          Hi Casper.bons,


          Here is the sql you are looking for, for the report that you want:


          select distinct
          a0.Name AS 'Name of Package',
          a0.COMMAND_LINE AS 'Command Line Used',
          CASE WHEN a0.DisableClientQueue = 1 THEN 'Yes' Else 'no' END AS 'DisableClientQueue',
          a1.Name as 'Name of Pre-Req Query',
          a3.Name  as 'Package Detection type',
          a3.Value as 'Package Detection Specifics',
          a2.name as 'ReturnCode Template Used',
          a0.LastSavedBy as 'LastSavedBy',
          a0.LastSavedDate as 'LastSavedDate'
          from Package a0
          left join Query a1
          on  a0.PRE_REQ_QUERY_IDN = a1.Query_Idn
          left join PACKAGE_DETECTION a3
          on a0.PACKAGE_IDN = a3.PACKAGE_IDN
          left join ReturnCodeTemplate a2
          on a0.ReturnCodeTemplate_Idn = a2.ReturnCodeTemplate_Idn
          where a0.type != 3500 and a0.type != 4
          order by a0.NAME



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            Thanks Martin, was fiddeling a bit how to get it in a report but we will implement LDDA next week so hope that gives better options