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    SWD Detection best practise




      LANDESK has detections set in the properties of the package. The help file of LANDesk is not covering this. I understand of community articles this is only used for dependent packages ?


      Is there official documentation about the usage of detections or is this just something that is not utilized in LANDESK ?

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          bcstring SupportEmployee



             When deploying a package with the Detection Logic enabled LANDESK will download the files, and then detect to see if the package needs to be installed according to the logic that was entered into the package. It is no longer for dependent packages only.





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            That's great. Now I don't have to be scared, it can change after LANDESK upgrades, as it is accepted as a features for single file detections. Do we have some official documentation about it or is it going to be added to the help files ? There been many questions about it on the community so it's good to get it clear for the customers of LANDESK as most have chosen prerequisite's I believe.


            Also want to make a addition to it; It seems LANDESK has added an extra detection method to look for the policy files in the C:\ProgramData\LANDesk\Policies that will give the 16295 already installed return code. This was normally handled with my detection it seems they are interfering. I have multiple Global task that finish with a normal result code but will change to 16395 already installed return code.