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    Remote Control Viewer Through the Web Console Won't Install Automatically


      We recently applied Component Patch 2015-0321 to resolve an issue with drive mapping.  While it fixed that issue, it presented another.  If it wasn't obvious, we're on LD 9.6 Sp1.


      Prior to the patch, to initiate the remote control viewer our IT department would click Remote control, type in the computer name, and click the Launch button.  If the remote control viewer wasn't installed, it pulls it from the server (enuRCViewer.cab).  We've set up the proper security settings and zones in IE, so we don't get prompted for trusted ActiveX controls.  Everything just works seamlessly.


      After the patch, this changed.  Now, what's happening is once you put in the computer name and click Launch, you get this error:



      This error indicates that the Application Protocol named 'Landesk' is not installed.  To get it installed, you must go into Download tools and click the LANDesk Application Launcher link.  These are a new options after the patch.

      download tools.png


      You'll be prompted to install the LdUrlHandler.Installer.exe.  If you don't have .Net 4.5 installed, you'll be prompted to install that too.



      Once the protocol is installed, trying to remote control a device gets this.  The address shows that it's using the application protocol to run the remote control viewer.



      Clicking the Allow button gets this:


      The remote control viewer is not installed, therefore we need to manually install it.  I have to go back into the Download tools area and click the Remote control link, which prompts me with this:



      Clicking Run, prompts with this:



      After clicking Next through the install wizard, the remote control is finally installed and working.  If you don't have IE settings and Certificates setup properly, you would've gotten those prompts as well.


      Why make the user go through all that just to get the remote control viewer working?  Is there any way to silence all these prompts, without having to push three executables (LdUrlHandler.Installer.exe, .Net 4.5, ENURCSetup.exe) to thousands of computers?