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    Report only what shows in "Programs and Features" on a workstation?

    KHemmelman Apprentice

      We have LANDesk 9.6SP1.


      One of the things that is very helpful for our technicians is to print a report for a workstation that lists only the installed products as shown in the Programs and Features on the workstation.  (In other words, if you sit down at a workstation and then open Control Panel - Programs and Features, you see the list of "installed programs".)  This is one of the more helpful reports for our techs when they need to re-setup a crashed computer and they know what programs to reinstall for that use.


      In the LANDesk console, I figured the way to do this was to create a column set since in there you can find the "Computer"."Software"."Add or Remove Programs"."Program"."Name" item.  I mean, that seems to be the one that makes sense to accomplish this.


      However, the resulting information is displaying significantly more items than the list of installed programs as shown in the Programs and Features on the workstation.


      For example, when I display the "Computer"."Software"."Add or Remove Programs"."Program"."Name" items for my device in the LANDesk Console, it returns 142 items!  And within this list, I have 17 items that begin with the words "Microsoft Office...".  However, if I sit at my computer and open the list of installed programs under the Programs and Features, the list is only 52 items long, and I have only a single item for Microsoft Office in the list.


      How can we only display the "actual" list of installed programs as shown under the Programs and Features on each workstation?


      I keep thinking I'm missing something obvious, but as of yet, it escapes me how to do this simple task so I have to swallow my pride and ask for help.

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          amagi Expert

          Landesk inventory under "add remove programs" shows every entry under



          Windows control panel shows the same entry BUT only if the "DisplayName" key exists.



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            KHemmelman Apprentice

            Hello HTH.  That is interesting that LANDesk is showing every entry under the Uninstall branch.  (This is not what I would have expected.)  Unfortunately displaying all those items is not helpful for our needs.  Is it possible in LANDesk to only show the list of programs as shown in Windows Control Panel - Programs and Features?  That is the type or report we currently use with our existing inventory product, but as we migrate to using LANDesk, we are looking for similar ability.


            I have to confess, I haven't used LANDesk long enough to know if there is a way to filter on that "DisplayName" key in the registry and only display software items in LANDesk where that key exists.

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              darrensk Apprentice



              A few years ago we needed what it is you are looking for so I built a Hypertext Application that connects to the LANDesk database and pulls everything that is listed in the Add/Remove Programs.  We call it "Software Compare" utility.  Since that list also contains a lot of Microsoft updates, I use a text file with most current updates and filter those out and make the list smaller.  We then export it to Excel.  This tool will also pull in the mapped drives and printers installed using WMI, of course the machine needs to be on-line for that.  If it is for a machine that has crashed, then you will still get the installed software.  All of this was done with VBScript inside of the Hypertext Application.  Send me an E-Mail through this site if you are interested.  (Screenshot below)


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                KHemmelman Apprentice

                After almost 2 years, I'm beyond frustrated that LANDesk can't produce a functional inventory list.  It's fine that LANDesk gathers all the information it does during an inventory scan, but if we can't display just the data that is useful to us, what good is LANDesk as an inventory system?


                We VERY much need a way to only query/display products that show up in the "Programs & Features"!  Most of the time when we want to know what software is installed on a computer, we don't want all the excess info and we only care about what shows up in "Control Panel" - "Programs and Features", without any of the additional components, etc..  Why can't they add an ability to only show software entries from the "Add or Remove Programs" section of LANDesk to filter to only show an item if that "DisplayName" registry value exists?  (If it's not 'displayed' to the user in Control Panel, we do NOT want to see it in many of our reporting and queries!)


                Sorry to vent, but we are stuck having to maintain and use a very old, (and cheap-$700), inventory program to produce the simple report we want for these purposes!