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    Avalanche SE 5.3 enabler seen as "orphaned package"



      we have a customer with a lot (1100) Motorola MC55A pda: with the prior version of Avalanche, 4.9, the Enabler V. 5.2-12 was manually installed via Activesync (with just the enabler settings package in Avalanche). Now, with the upgrade to avalanche V. 5.3, we have a software profile with the enabler upgrade package to V. 5.3.64 , and, again, the anabler settings package.
      It works, and the enabler is upgraded and configured, but if I list the software packages installed on Motorola MC55A, I see the enabler V.  5.3.64  “orphaned”. If I “delete orphaned packages”, the enabler is not fisically unistalled from mobile device, and it continue to work, but I don’t see it anymore under installed package  package list in Avalanche. (see the attachment “Enabler Orphaned.png”).


      Is it normal?

      Thank you!