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    LDAV Version Information?






      I'm trying to find out more about the version of Kaspersky being used for LDAV. I've seen two different Vista machines have BSOD issues with LDAV and both of them generated errors about Kaspersky AV 6.x not being compatible with Vista. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to capture the exact wording of the error.






      I've looked through the community here, the MS knowledge base, and the Kaspersky site to try to verify this, but haven't been able to find any documentation that talks about this. Looking at LDAV on my own system, it shows the AV engine as being version This is what's pushed out in the agent under LDMS 8.8 SP1. Fom Kaspersky's page, that looks like a pretty old engine, but I don't know if it's been modified for LANDesk. On the Kaspersky site, it looks like the 6.x engine is the earliest compatible engine.






      So, has anyone else seen issues with Vista? Or can anyone shed some light on the LDAV version and its compatibility with Vista SP1?









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          LANDave SupportEmployee


          The 88 SDK as listed in your SP1 build is the 6.x engine from Kaspersky, as was the .81 SDK build.



          On the Vista computers with the BSOD and Incompatibility Errors, are you sure you are are at the build?



          You will probably want to open up a Support Case with LANDesk on this.   If you are seeing Blue Screens on Vista due to AV, this is a serious issue.















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            LANDave SupportEmployee


            One more thing.   Are you on Vista 32-bit or x64, and are you on Vista SP1?






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              This is on Vista 32bit with SP1. And if you double-click on the LDAV system tray icon, the status window opens and says the scan engine is



              The issue isn't seen on all Vista systems, but as I said, a couple have had issues and the errors generated state that Kaspersky AV v 6.x (not sure of the x part), are not compatible with Vista.



              I will be opening a case, but unfortunately, I don't have a machine to test on that exhibits the issue.