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    UNC path invalid. Me: No it's not.

    jaericho Apprentice

      I'm trying to edit a working provisioning template. I want to uncheck the "Stop processing the template if this action fails" box under the HII task. When I do and click apply this error appears: The UNC path is invalid. Enter a valid UNC path. When I click ok on the error message, it then jumps me to the Map Image Tool page of the provisioning task.


      I'm assuming it's complaining about the UNC path on that page however, the UNC path on the Map Image Tool page is not invalid. (The path is \\<coreserver>\ldmain\osd\imagew 2\ )


      I have also tried putting the path in quotes. It didn't not help.


      We are on 9.6 SP1 and recently upgraded from 9.5 SP3.