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    LANDesk Antivirus "No key"


      Thanks to the LANDesk community, for coming together to assist those in need.


      I'm testing agent deployment on two reference machines before attempting campus-wide deployment.


      I've had no problems pushing agents, but I can't seem to get AV to license/activate. LANDesk Antivirus action center shows all green, with definitions updating daily via scheduled task. LANDesk Antivirus license information shows a local path, which I re-imported a week ago (we've only had LANDesk since April 1st). Deployment information shows 0 Activated nodes, and the test workstations will not update, because they are not licensed and activated.


      Following rmeyer and Fabian Schmidt's advice in this thread Re: Updating Kaspersky licenses on client PC's, I've attempted to push updates using a Patch and compliance scan, as well as attempts with Change settings, Install/Update security components, and LANDESK Antivirus task, just to make sure I wasn't losing details to generalized suggestions. Attempts succeed, but LANDesk Antivirus is still not activated.


      In order to verify this was not a problem with my customization of the agent, I attempted to deploy the default agent, with no more success. I used SCCM to redeploy OSes to my test machines (Windows 7) with no success. Finally, I've put in the time and effort to get OS Provisioning to work in order to really avoid feeling like I didn't try everything. Regardless of method, the Antivirus installs, but will not license/activate.

      I appreciate any direction that can be given.

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          Turns out I made a very early and very crucial mistake. I did an early search to find the suggestion that the key for the AV is located at ldlogon\antivirus8\av.key. I imported this key, and everything seemed to be hunky dory. In reality, the key is valid, but not for licensing and activating AV. Instead, I found How to Troubleshoot Ivanti Antivirus, which suggested that I would need to contact support, and they would email the key in a .zip file.


          On a whim, I checked back in the original email, which contained the username and password, and sure enough, there was a .zip attached that I overlooked, as it didn't say anything about it, nor the importance of it. Inside was the key that I needed to license LANDesk Antivirus.


          Seems like a rookie mistake, and I'm a rookie.