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    Multiple Instance

    Venkatraj Apprentice

      Creating multiple test instance, will it cause the performance? Or, is there any other aspects that we should keep in mind?

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          Can you clarify your question a little bit? Are you looking to use another ConnectPro Server or to add another host profile to the existing ConnectPro instance?

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            Venkatraj Apprentice

            Thanks for your reply, I wanted to add another/multiple host profile(instances) to the existing ConnectPro instance

            For an example: abcdefgh/Servicedesk.WebAccess/                                LIVE PROD

                                     abcdefgh/Servicedesk.qa.WebAccess/                           1st Instance
                                     abcdefgh/Servicedesk.test.WebAccess/                         2nd Instance

                                     abcdefgh/Servicedesk.manager.WebAccess/                  3rd Instance

                                     abcdefgh/Servicedesk.dev.WebAccess/                         4th Instance


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              Thank you for getting back with us. Yes, that should be fine. One thing to keep in mind, is that any impact won't be due to the number of different host profiles but rather how much device traffic the server can handle.


              Best Regards

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                Venkatraj Apprentice

                Thanks a lot for your quick help.