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    task shows as successful but registry changes were not made


      9.6 sp1

      I have a couple of tasks to set some registry keys for auto login on some kiosk pc's we have in our environment.


      We are using a test account on some & want to switch back over to the production account.


      I have tried 2 types of tasks:


      1) batch file & reg file

      batch file -


      @echo off

      regedit.exe /s train_autologin.reg



      Reg file contains the valid reg commands for the keys I want changed.



      2) custom patch scan

      set the reg keys in the Detection, Patch Info & Patch Install Commands sections as needed & ran as a scheduled repair task.


      Both methods have reported Successful completion of the task, but the registry keys have not changed.


      Detection for both tasks are on the

      HHLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\DefaultUserName

      value, which is the targeted item being changed.


      I can't figure why these tasks are showing as successful if the key has not updated.


      Additionally, In the vulscan log file, I see these lines:

      Wed, 29 Apr 2015 12:16:25 No patches found for vulnerability=INTL_CNATouch Auto Login.  Returning PATCH_NO_PATCHES_AVAILABLE

      Wed, 29 Apr 2015 12:16:25 Last status: Done.  No patches found


      It seems it is not even detecting that the registry key is not matching what I want, but I am looking at the registry keys & it does indeed have the old account still.