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    CBA8 not being installed during imaging/provisioning


      This is my first attempt at setting up imaging/provisioning with LANDesk. I believe we have everything set up correctly as far as I can tell.

      Currently, the issue is that the provisioning process never installs the CBA8 service, therefore once the machine boots in to the OS the process never continues.


      The image we were originally using, was managed by a previous co-worker, and he had apparently been using the LANDesk agent to patch the images.

      We didn't catch all that at first, so we ended up deploying a couple machines with identical GUIDs.


      In the process of cleaning up the GUIDs, we also removed the remnant CBA8 service from the image. (sc delete cba8)

      In doing that, we can no longer complete the imaging process.

      The image is laid down fine, sysprep is runs with our unattend, but it never gets past that.

      Once we manually install the cba8inst.msi from the C:\ldprovisioning folder, the provisioning process continues.


      What are we missing?


      Using 9.6 SP1.