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    Software distribution failure

    MrGadget Expert

      Landesk 9.5 SP3

      I have a question that I think I know the answer but I want to double check with the forum.

      If I use a Push  to sent out a package on Monday. My packages are set to be removed from the client cache every 5 days.

      If I Push out the same package on Wednesday it should fail because the package is still in the computers cache and the Detection in the package setting is set for the default.?

      If I set the package Detection to look in c:\ then the Push of the package should not fail because the package is not located in C:\?

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          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

          Not quite sure what you are trying to do here.


          If the package exists in the cache, then it just means the machine will not download it again before attempting to re-install it.


          Whether or not it is in the cache the task will still try to uninstall it unless you are doing something to stop it from re-installing.


          Package Detection (available on non-msi packages) is only used if said package is used as a dependency. It is not used when pushing the package itself.


          Can you clarify what you are looking to achieve?


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            MrGadget Expert

            Ok I misunderstood what detection was. I thought that if you sent the same package out to a computer twice it would fail the second time because it was already their in the landesk sdmcache.


            We were doing a test on a package because we have to send it out everyday. We only tested it on 2 computers and it failed ton the second scheduled task. Now mind you we tested deploying it the same day. there were no dependencies.

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              The detection is looking for an .exe or registry, when that is available on the computer. The task will go to successful as it detects the installation is present.


              Although Max is clear on that, the LANDESK documentation is not. There are multiple topic where the customers ask to clarify that.


              I'm using it as detection for single installations and bundles and worked perfectly till 9.6 (right returncode). LANDESK has put an extra detection in LANDESK that when the policy files of the task are located in the c:\programdata it will see or at least think it has already run.


              Only use at own risk ! As I have seen lot's of changes not being documented or communicated when the feature is changed.

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