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    Incident priorty question.


      What is the best way to handle incident severity, urgency and prioty in a way where it can be captured and displayed by a query built on the Process module, AKA an total workload query?  Right now we are just setting a response level when creating and incident and that cannot be captured as part of a workload query.


        We are running 7.5 and are soon to be upgrading to 7.8

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          Andrew Swindells SupportEmployee



          You can create relationships between the Severity, Urgency etc. objects and the Process Management > Process object. Then use these relationships on your incident, change etc windows.


          Then build your query against the Process Management > Process object and use the columns from the above relationships


          You can also use calculations to caputre the String value of the Urgency etc into an attribute on the Process Object.


          My advice would be to create relationships to the Process object and then they can be used throughout the entire product (Incident, Change, Request etc etc.)