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    SAP Error 500




      Is there a way to catch de SAP error (Example Error 400, Error 500, Error 501) in a script so the session is closed on the velocity server?


      Problem is now that the user is pressing Alt+F10 and VelocityCE client on the PDA is not closed correctly on the Velocity Server.  On the client it self the VelocityCE is still running and even after kill we still see it running via Remote Control.  So we like to catch this that the session is closed on the VelocityServer.

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          cachilli SupportEmployee


          In VelocityCE you could write a script to search the source of the page for a particular word and disconnect.. This keyword would have to be unique to the error pages and not present on any other page..


          Below is an example of a script I wrote that searches a demo screen for the ITSmobile and then pops up a message and disconnects after 5 seconds..

          In order to view the source, open the page in your browser of choice and right click to view source.. Find your key word in the source of the page and replace my keyword in the example below, "ITSmobile"


          Script( Search )

          Boolean( bSearch )

          Activate( Screen_Update )

              bSearch = Web_Search_Source( "ITSmobile", TRUE, TRUE )

              If( bSearch )

                  Message( "Disconnecting in 5 seconds", 5 )

                  Delay( 5000 )