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    How do I clear out a CI category?

    lgiovannetti Rookie

      I am in the process of importing all my phone CIs via spreadsheet.  After performing the import, I realized I didn't like the mapping and tried to map the fields differently.  Now I have duplicate devices and would like to clear out all phones.  Is there an easy way to delete all 6000 phones?

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          I'd ask your support provider for a script to hard delete them.  There are a number floating about

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            Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

            I agree with Dave.  There are several floating around but this could get you going.


            First, do a select statement to get the GUID for your Phone object.


            Select * from CF_CONFIG_ITEM where cf_name LIKE '%Phone%'


            Then do a:

            Delete from usr_phone


            This should clear out the phone table that you created.


            Since you built the BO under Config Item, there is probably still a reference to that Phone in the CONFIG_ITEM table so now you'll want to do something like:


            Delete from cf_config_item where cf_guid = 'GUID OF PHONE'

            If you have versioning turned on then you'll have to remove the version references from the version table which is a whole new set of commands.  Make sure you have a backup in the event something goes wacky.