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    BridgeIT - bugs


      Hello all,


      I'm trying to set up bridgeIT for my compagnie and I would need help from you since I had many issues. I feel like this module is far from complete and maybe some of you have find some way to make it works. I'm gonna list the bugs I've found so far, please share with me if you have any bugs/issues similar to this and if you have find any workarounds/solutions for those issues:


      - Calculation :

      I have lot of issues with calculation. I figure out dynamic windows don't works in BridgeIT... that's fine... but I still have issue with some others calculation like my note history, which works under some processes and don't works under other processes. Same calculation, different process... Everythings works fine under Webaccess.


      - Mandatory Field:

      Seems like nothing is mandatory under bridgeIT, you can go through a process without filling any mandatory field. It's a big problem for us since we end up with closed ticket with no category, not good for our stats.


      - Collection:

      You know, the collection you're suppose to see at the bottem of a window... well, seems like this function works well under my problem process, but I see no collection under my incident process(working fine under webaccess).


      - Field not showing

      They have many fields I don't see under BridgeIT, like int16-int32 attribute and must of my dropdown list. Like, in some processes I can see the Category, in other I don't...

      *Edit* After futur investigation, I found that dropdown list is working on any "New" windows (on creation) but not in an "edit" windows (after creation)


      - Windows View

      I set up a view for BridgeIT under ViewManagement, put it a the top of the list and set the client type to "BridgeIT". When loging on through my bridgeIT, it doesn't select my bridgeIT view and just skip to the other available view in the list.


      Thanks for sharing your issues/workarounds/solutions/experiences!