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    unable to delete or modify criteria on a system filter


      I have a filter that was initially set for raise user on requests that filters based on the person making the request.


      We have opted to filter instead based on department rather than manager, so I have removed the filter from my Request -> Raise User object.


      The filter has re-appeared after several days - I believe this happens after an iis reset or restart of the server since it seems to stay as I set it for some time.


      I can't figure out why it is re-appearing, so have decided to just remove it completely, but was unable to do so.  The filter is NOT on the raise user object at present, & I believe that is the only place it is referenced.


      I tried modifying the criteria on the filter to remove the manager item, but it doesn't let me remove it nor add or change criteria.


      We are on version 7.7.3.  Any suggestions?  Any way to find out if there are other references to that filter which might be locking it from being changed or deleted?