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    Installing Outlook 2013


      Need some help with this.

      I created a .MSP with OCT for Outlook 2013 and placed the file in the updates folder. I created the package in LANDesk and ran it on a test machine. LANDesk shows that its running and the test machine shows  setup.exe Microsoft Setup Bootstrapper is running in Task Manger....but it seems to be taking a lot longer then it should. With the .msp, will LANDesk automatically recognize that or do I need to create a batch file to point to it?




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          Frank Wils ITSMMVPGroup

          But, does it finish or stay active?


          You might need to configure the config.xml in<officeversion>.ww There you can enable to automatic EULA accept and a silent mode. In some circumstances it can also be necessary to add /Admin and /config on the commandline to point to the respective files.


          See more here:

          Article: Configure a silent installation of Office 2010 | ITNinja



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            bvansuch Employee

            LDMS has recognized the MSP being in the updates folder for us. Make sure you have the EULA stuff selected correctly, as well as the Setup Properties.

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              When setting up the package install for Outlook 2013. In the Install/Uninstall options at the bottom where it says Enter command line or.... should i specify the path like this


              \\servername\Packages\Outlook2013\x64\setup.exe /adminfile \\servername\Packages\Outlook2013\x64\updates\Outlook2013_x64.MSP


              or should i forget the OCT and focus on the config.xml file? I'm trying to create a package for Outlook 2013 to upgrade Outlook 2003 or 2007 on remote computers.



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                bvansuch Employee

                If the MSP is in the updates folder, then you do not need to call anything in that line. MS Office setup automatically looks in the Updates folder for MSP files as well as service packs to apply during install.


                As for the xml file, I can't speak to that as I've never used it. 

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                  Frank Wils ITSMMVPGroup

                  You need both...


                  The Admin file will be picked up automatically, so your command will look like this:


                  \\servername\Packages\Outlook2013\x64\setup.exe /configfile \\servername\Packages\Outlook2013\x64\Office.ww\Config.xml


                  Change office.ww with the actual folder.



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                    SteveW Apprentice

                    Have you tried to run your installation from a command prompt opened as system or checked the log files the installation creates to see where they stop?  It could give you an idea if something is popping up that is hanging the install.  Otherwise, it might provide helpful insight into what is taking so long.  The responses above are on target (I would mark them as helpful) for making the installation.  Good luck.

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                      I am doing some troubleshooting now. So far I noticed the UAC was on and that stopped the installation from starting. I got a batch file to turn off the UAC. Now trying to figure out the package.

                      Thanks for all the help so far.

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                        SteveW Apprentice

                        Hmmm...UAC isn't generally enabled for the System account which is one of the reasons that simple software installs tend to "just work" out of the box for Landesk. I don't even know if you can enable it for system (which you probably wouldn't want to).  You might be testing with a user account or an admin account.  This can be fine too, but keep in mind that things can behave differently when ran as System.


                        Another thing it might be is ADS (Alternate Data Streams).  If you downloaded the package from the internet directly to an NTFS directory, you may need to unblock the installation using the Systernals application "Streams".  A quick way to check is to right click on your setup.exe and see if there is an unblock button in the bottom right hand corner.  You would need modify rights over the files and subfolders to run streams against the whole install.