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    Process import in Design Transfer - Object Reference not set to an Instance of an Object

    jasoncadman Expert

      Hi All


      Spot of weekend work going on here and I'm getting the dreaded Object Reference not set error when I'm opening an import file. I don't even get to the file validated successfully message. I have already exported objects and windows for the new process


      I think that it could be this Design Transfer fails with an object reference error when importing a process but I'm not getting any other errors that I can use


      Diagnostics logging is all switched on and there are no errors and the Design Transfer import log only says:


      09/05/2015 15:57 : Exception occurred:

      Object reference not set to an instance of an object. (16:57:38)


      Really tricky as I'm not even sure where to start


      It doesn't matter whether I export any reference items either the error is the same


      thank you