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    Landesk Development Server Mail Service Won't Start


      Hi Guys,


      I'm pretty new at Landesk so give me a break if I use the incorrect terms.


      I have a development and a production server that I have inherited from the previous service desk officer. I want to test some new mail mappings and such in my development server before passing them across to production. However the Service Desk Mail Manager service is not listed in my windows services. Is their anything I need to do to start the service in my development server or is this by design?

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          gjames Apprentice

          You will need to use the configuration center to add the email services.


          Our development server also does not have email services and this is by design. When LANDesk came onsite to implement it was advised we do not install the mail services for development.  This way there is ZERO chance of our dev environment processing emails when we don't want it to. Imagine a day when you import your production database into your dev environment so that you can test with current data. If your dev environment had email services running then you could end up in a situation with both production and dev environments processing mail. This could be a bad situation.

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            So that begs the question - how do you test emails?  It needs some care, but I think the advice offered was not totally sound.  Have the mail services disabled for sure and have a script run when you refresh TEST to set the mail credentials to be a specific email address, run queries to clear down the mail queue and all will be well.  It takes a bit of extra effort, but it really allows you to see what an email will look like when it pops out into the client.


            But its certainly worth discussing internally to get a view from the company of the risks and benefits.


            One would use the configurationcenter tool to create new services for inbound and outbound email, then in mail manager set the correct credentials so you are not using production email accounts.  You'd then need to have a solid way of clearing the email queue.  All do-able with a bit of thought and standard practice for our implementations.

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              gjames Apprentice

              I like your advice better.


              We currently use the audit history trail in the ticket as well as a query to system/message recipient to see what is going on when a notification is sent. We use the same query to system/message recipient to clear our email queue. I forget what version it was added in, but we are on 7.7.1 and it allows us to run the query and then right click to delete the messages.

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                That query has been around for while and is very solid.  It can be replaced with a SQL query so you don't have to keep hitting F5 to make sure you have deleted all the entries, but often the queue is quite short anyway and you don't then need to ask your DBA to do that job.


                I'd love to have a test email setting in LDSD which says 'I don't care what email address you want to send an email too, always use this one'  That way you could run your email testing confident you aren't going to cause a riot.  I strongly suspect that a carefully written trigger on the message recipient table could do this, but how dangerous would that be!


                I have had two go lives where tiny, but annoying spelling mistakes crept into emails because copy paste from the query wasn't giving clear enough results.  At some point careful email testing of real emails is a essential feature of testing.

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                  Thankyou for the advice guys.


                  It does help to look at it from that perspective. Testing the mappings on the production server is harmless but I feel safer being relatively new with Landesk playing on my development server.