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    Applying rules against client machine groups.



      Hi All,



      I am about to role out a number of patches against my client machines, however the some of the machines will need only some of the patches and some will need other.  I am trying to find away to group the machines and then apply rules against them.  Eg.  If in group X don't appy patch A, If in group Y apply patch A and B.  IF in group C never apply patch A and C.



      How would I achieve this?



      Thanks in advanced.



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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          The "easiest" way to it, I think, would be to set patch-groups.


          So - say you have three patch groups for thee patches (Patch_A, Patch_B, and Patch_C).



          - Patch_A

          - Patch_B



          Group 2:

          - Patch_A


          - Patch_C



          Group 3:


          - Patch_B

          - Patch_C




          Now you can just schedule those patch-groups against your devices (or device groups / queries) ... there's no specific logic (yet) to "NOT" install a patch on a device. There's an ER for that - if you want to get added to it, please open a support ticket and get yourself added to ER # 12942 - "ER: Patch Manager to be able to "not patch" specific machines with specific patches"


          Paul Hoffmann

          LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead.