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    HII driver downloads

    THogland Apprentice

      How do I tell the patch manager which Dell HII drivers to download? I set up 9.6 SP1, selected some of the drivers in the download window, and it's merrily chewing through what appears to be the *entire* list, downloading all of them. I've deleted 180+GB out of the HIIDell folder already, and I can't figure out how to get it to stop... All I want is the 7130 tablet driver, not all of the Optiplex variants. Oh, and it's downloading every Windows version, as well - all the XP, Vista, etc. (Here's a feature request - let me tell it which OS I want, rather than downloading all the leftover XP drivers that I don't need.)


      Is there some XML file out there it's reading, instead of the actual selections I've made? Or am I stuck letting it download every Dell driver known to mankind before I can get it to do what I want?

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          Markus.Gonser ITSMMVPGroup

          Hi THogland,


          you are able to select the driver package of which type of dell machine you want. Therefore you have to go to:

          Patch and Compliance -> Download updates -> expand Driver Updates -> expand HII Drivers -> expand Tablet -> select Tablet-7130




          now the patch manager download only the needed driver for this dell type.


          best regards


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            THogland Apprentice

            That's what I thought as well, except I only had the Tablet-7130 selected and it was still downloading everything... I finally killed vaminer.exe and the downloads stopped. But, now when I select the Tablet-7130 option and try to download, the status window says it's downloading tablet-7130.xml and no updates are required, even through there's no drivers downloaded...


            This makes me think there's a status file someplace that's telling LD that it already downloaded the drivers. Or, the Tablet-7130.xml file at Dell is empty/broken/etc and there's nothing to actually download. (The download log shows it as 0k...)